Cosmetic & Restoration iGlo Silicon Polisher

Cosmetic & Restoration iGlo Silicon Polisher

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Pac-Dent's new iGlo finishing & polishing system is made of a unique silicone rubber impregnated with aluminum oxide particles, allowing the user to achieve a superbly smooth finish and high gloss for all types of composites in one single step. It delivers the perfect control of abrasiveness on all surfaces and eliminates scratches on composite restorations. iGlo's polishing bits are more durable and flexible than the leading brand's, giving the user precise control during polishing while protecting neighboring teeth and tissue from scarring and damage. The system includes cups, points and discs for all your contouring, finishing and polishing needs, ranging from composites, microfills, flowables to micro hybrids.

  • The most cost-efficient single-step polishing system
  • Reduces surface roughness & bacterial retention
  • Delivers exceptional surface gloss in short time
  • The thin discs deliver superior flexibility
  • Durable and flexible polishing bits
  • Reinforced mandrel delivers optimal concentric torque
  • 100% Latex-free

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10 X Silicon polisher, cup

10 X Silicon polisher, disc

10 X Silicon polisher, point

Refill Kit
PG-02  30 X Silicon polisher, cup
PG-03  30 X Silicon polisher, disc
PG-04  30 X Silicon polisher, point